"one of the most beautiful places I have ever stayed in the UK."

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Yurts & Studio

Welcome to Toad Hall Yurts and Studio


Wed 8th May 2013 - book early for Flora Day 2013 - Week still available. It is an ideal place to stay for Flora Day as Toad Hall is easy to get to and from Helston from the Yurt or Studio but you are away from the madding crowd when you wish to be.


Our Smallholding is probably one of the most exclusive locations to holiday in the UK & about as rural/off the beaten track you can get in England and for this cost. It does not suit everyone, but many love it and come again year after year.
The smallholding is fairly remote and its only access is a bridal track - fine for the average family car though. However there are no nightclubs or other venues nearby, except a local pub

The Studio and Yurts have been created in an ecco friendly way. However the Studio has all facilities, although it is small and the electricity is partly provided by solar panels on its roof. Both the Studio and Yurt or Yurt & SoulPad Tipi are unique in that you NEVER have to share your holiday with other visitors.
The Yurt area and indeed the whole field they are situated on is never shared with anyone else.
BUT this is an eco holiday with the aim of visitors having as low a carbon footprint during their visit to Cornwall as we can possibly achieve. But without compromising comfort too much.

So while we do have an gas central heating system in the Studio and in the Yurt/and/or Tipi have gas to heat water for showers and washing up, and a gas cooker and fridge, there is no mains electric in the Yurt or Tipi, only 12 volt powered by solar panels. There is no TV in the Yurt or Tipi, no hair drier, no game or music systems - although you can use rechargeable ones - and you may have to bring extra torches and lanterns, the toilet is also a composting one. However you do have hot water and a good shower and a full kitchen gas cooker, fire pit and Barbeque Chimera . Sunset From Yurt

But it is however an ecco & very rural holiday after all! Especially if you stay in the Yurt.
If you are happy with this, then read on. If this is not for you, then it is not for you!

Toad Hall is a smallholding in west Cornwall with fabulous views stretching for over 6 miles to the sea and we share this beautiful place in the summer with visitors to our Yurt or Yurts and to our Studio apartment.
What we offer is very exclusive . Either in the Yurts or the Studio you will not share the area with any other visitors. We never hire the two Yurts out to more than one party, and when you have either one or two Yurts you get them and the whole 1 acre Yurt field to yourselves, and those in the Studio have a huge lawn, patio and barbeque area with fabulous views

News and Updates

We still have vacancies available in 2013. Please look at our bookings web sites
Yurt: http://www.holidaylettings.co.uk/rentals/helston/79206
Studio: http://www.holidaylettings.co.uk/rentals/helston/25831
Or see our availability pages above.

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